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Holistic Health & Fitness Instructor from Derbyshire, U.K.

Personal Trainer, Pilates & Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Asthanga & SUP Yoga, Holistic Nutritionist & Mindful Mentor with TEFL. She recently passed her Usui Reiki Masters & really tries to combine all these elements in a holistic approach to classes. With a love for water this ex. lifeguard wanabee mermaid likes to makes a splash in some classes too.

Speaks English & French.



Katie is the author of 'Going Green For The Genius' &  Usui Reiki Master from St. Louis, USA.

Her descriptive & original nature dialogue classes concentrate on the yoga elements: fire, water, earth, air  and ether with intent setting & story telling. With her vast botanical knowledge this Dr. of Botany will get you loving all things green if you don't already!



Nikki is a prof of communication with years of Yoga teaching experience as an instructor and PiYo teacher at Total Fitness Gym in Sedalia, Missouri, USA.

A total foodie & traveller with a big love for gardening makes her teaching a colourful lively fresh combo. 



Joy started practicing Hatha Yoga in Portland, USA.  It wasn't until she became a teacher that she realized THIS was her calling, her dharma!  She weaves intention with pranayama, precision in alignment with quiet mindfulness and subtle body awareness with refinement. Inviting us to attune ourselves to the needs of our bodies and adapt our postures to create more ease. To experience the magnificence of simply being. 



Yogi & Naturopathic Nutritionist from London UK.  A firm believer in the holistic approach to life. Kelly's classes encoroprate her yoga & vast nutrition knowledge. She aims to unifiy the mind & body inside & out. 

Speaks English, German & French.  

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