Non Residential Course 18th - 22nd May 2020


 Taught over 4 days, Monday to Friday  3 hours each day with a break day on Wednesday in between by Certified Ususi Reiki Master -Suzanne Richardson - Coward  ( Read her bio here.)  & other Reiki Masters. Their lineage like a family tree that can be traced back to the original Reiki master teacher:
 Mikao Usui, Chjiro Hayashi or Hawayo Takata. Also, note that lineages leading to Hawayo Takata & include one of the 22 Reiki masters she taught.

During the teaching phase, you’ll learn about Reiki, Reiki history and how Reiki works. The course includes  print-outs containing the course content, refreshments & all relevant materials & aids some you will be able to take away in your course packs.

Reiki Level 1 Lesson: Attunement
Reiki Level 1 Attunement is a process that attunes you to the frequency of Reiki energy, enabling you to channel Reiki energy to yourself and others.
The Attunement is a type of ritual and kept secret by the Reiki master. The Reiki master will request students to keep eyes closed during the process. Some query the need for secrecy, but I think it is just a way to keep the process unique. Closed eyes make it easier to focus internally and enjoy the experience of the Attunement. 

Reiki Level 1 Lesson – Practice 

You’ll feel much anticipation leading up to the Attunement, and although a relaxing process,  The practice phase is relaxed and  fun giving you the chance to feel Reiki energy for the first time.The teacher will include Reiki meditations, which are useful for improving and maintaining the flow of Reiki.

Reiki Level 1 – What Can You Do? 

Although it is a basic level of Reiki, but you can still do the following:

  • Self-healing & Healing others
  • Cleanse your living environment 
  • Similar concept to Feng Shui, where practitioners use various techniques to balance Qi. in order to apply Reiki energy to your living environment. Connect to Reiki and using your hands, apply Reiki to the walls, corners, ceiling and floor of the room that you are in. 
  • Remove bad energy from an object
  • Food and drinks
  • Animals
  • You can apply Reiki to anything you can think of! 

PRICE: 295€ Per Person

How to Prepare for receiving Reiki Level 1:

  • No alcohol because it dulls the mind to this energy. 
  • Avoid high protein food
  • High protein food requires more digestion and uses energy
  • Eat fruit, vegetables and drink water
  • Easy to digest and healthy
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks
  • Causes the mind to be over-active
  • Keep an open mind!
  • Try not to be too skeptical, just enjoy the experience for what it is...inviting happiness!


In a rustic french farmhouse wher you will have the use of a heated pool, spa & sauna too in the village of FERRAN, 11240


other options

Drop in Days

If you are curious abour REIKI & would like to join in with others who are taking their masters certification you can...come & listen in, practice, get to be a guinea pig & find out more. You will be able to use the spa, sauna & pool.

PRICE: 55€ per person per day. 80€ for 2 concecutive  days.

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